Leadwell V-12iPLeadwell is a very high quality Taiwanese Builder of CNC Lathes and Machining Centers. Leadwell has been building machine tools for over 40 years. They have produced private label machines for many of the worlds’ famous machine tool builders. That experience has provided them the ability to build a very high quality machine at a very affordable price. Leadwell builds Horizontal Spindle Lathes. Some with Slant beds and some with flat beds. From small 6’ chuck to large 32” chuck lathes. Leadwell also builds Vertical Machining Centers.


Leadwell V-20  Leadwell V-40i

Leadwell machines are suitable for the General Machine Shop, and High Volume production shops as well.

Leadwell V-40s Leadwell V-40s 2

Leadwell machines utilize FANUC CNC Controls.

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